CFI Medical Unveils Arm-IR™, a Stable and Safe Positioning Solution for Critical Upper Arm Placement.

Fenton, Mich. June 6, 2014 – CFI Medical ( today announced the release of Arm-IR™.

When positioning the arms on an anesthetized patient, prolonged placement above the head during the procedure may cause peripheral nerve injury.

To address this risk, Arm-IR safely and comfortably stabilizes the upper arm during biplane cardiac catheterization to protect patients—pediatric as well as adult—from brachial plexus injury.

“Conventional wisdom is to position the arms above the head with the patient supine and keep the angles of flexion/extension in accordance to AORN guidelines to minimize injury to the brachial plexus nerve,” said Michael Czop, President, CFI Medical. “To date, this arm position has been achieved with rolled up blankets and tape. These are often difficult to keep in place and, when the blankets fall off the table, so do the patient’s arms.”

An effective alternative to using rolled up blankets or towels, adjusting Arm-IR to safely position the patient is simply a matter of tightening and loosening a single knob per arm and positioning the straps on the arm pads. The single knob provides quick and easy re-positioning, as one operator hand is occupied stabilizing the arm during re-positioning.

“The Arm-IR positioning device is another example of CFI Medical's ability to realize a clinician concept into a beneficial clinical tool for patient and caregiver," said Czop.

Arm-IR is designed with a variety of custom-fit clamps for compatibility with a majority of current-generation original equipment manufacturer catheterization tables, providing easy attachment to the head of the table.

By utilizing standardized positioning, Arm-IR helps save facilities time, reduce costs and mitigate risk for better patient outcomes.

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