Designing an Integrated Surgical/Interventional Suite: Form follows function in design to maximize efficiency, flexibility and versatility

Efficiency, flexibility, versatility ... these are the guiding planning and design objectives for today’s surgical/interventional hospital suites. Hospitals can achieve their goals for cost-effective delivery of quality care when planners and designers implement strategies to increase the efficiency of operations, staffing, and the flow of people and supplies; improve flexibility for a range of surgical and interventional procedures; and enhance versatility for procedures that require imaging and robotic technology.

Keys to Success in Designing a Hybrid Cath Lab

A new trend is emerging in cardiac services — the hybrid catheterization lab. There is some controversy over the specific definition (A cath lab where they will also do surgery? An OR where they have fixed imaging?), but hybrid cath labs combine the traditional diagnostic functions of a cath lab with the surgical functions of an operating room. Most existing cath labs are not large enough to convert into hybrid labs, so hybrid labs are typically placed in locations adjacent to surgical suites. Only a handful have been developed thus far, mostly focusing on pediatric procedures, but the appli