Email Discussion Group: Heparinized Flush Bowls & Bags

(Thank you to Charlene Houston RN, Winchester, VA, for the current discussion group question, above).

We use 2,000U of heparin in 1L of NS for our flush bowls and 1000U of heparin in 500 of NS for the flush bags. This flush bag comes as a standard mixed bag from Baxter. This is our standard heparin mix for all Art lines in the hospital, so we can convert our flush tubing an bags to an Art line real easy, without changing to a different concentration.

Bill Colditz, RCIS
Manager, Cardiac Cath Lab
Mercy San Juan Medical Center

We use 2000u heparin in 1000ml NS for flush bowels and 1000u/500mlNS for flush/ pressure lines.

We mix 3000U/500cc NS. Each procedure has two bags of flush; one for the table, one to hang and connect to the manifold.

Mark E. Davis, RN
Cardiac Cath Lab Manager
The Heart Center, P.C.
Huntsville, AL

Our angiography laboratory uses heparin (1000 Units : 500 ml. of 0.9% NaCl) 2 units/ml. for our flush bowls. The solution is actually the same as the premixed bags of heparinized solution we use to maintain our arterial lines.

T.R., Tampa, FL

In our cath lab (Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, New London, CT), we use heparin 2u/ml in both our flush bowls and our bags.

Michele Morgan RN, BSN
Lawrence and Memorial Hospital
New London, CT

We use 5000u for 500cc Nacl in our flush bowls. We use the same concentration, 100u/ml in our gtts.

Tim Revell

Johns Hopkins Hospital cath lab uses 2000 Units of heparin in 500 cc NSS for bowel and bag flash.

Eve Rostek

With regards to flush , we used 2000 u in 1000 ml NS and in the flush bags we used 1000 u in 500 of NS. We have 2 cath rooms and 1 E.P. lab. We do have procedures with an average of 14“20 a day, varying from peripheral to cardiac cath.

George Robert Victoriano III B.S.N., R.N.
Mc Allen Medical Center, Cath lab
Mc Allen Texas

We use 5,000U of heparin in 1L of NS bag for our flush bowl and the 5,000U of heparin in 1 L of NS bottle for our flush basin and 1,000U of heparin in 500ml of NS premixed bags for the art.line.

Elise Li, Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Sciences Centre Cath Lab, Canada,

In our cath lab, we use 3000u in 500cc bag of NS for flush and flush bowls.

Heather Burg, RN
Huntsville, AL

In the facility I work in, we use 5000Units of heparin in 1000ml of normal saline. In the dump station the flush bag is 1000Units of heparin in 500 ml of normal saline.

We use 3000U heparin in 500ml NS for both flush bowls and bags.

Kurt Rutter RN
Poughkeepsie, NY


Our hospital has discontinued use of heparin in the arterial line and swan ganz pressure lines. We are entertaining the idea of not using hepainized saline for the angiogram procedure, on the table and in the transducer line. Are any other hospitals using plain sterile saline as table fluids? If so, what research have you seen? I've been trying to find some data and studies regarding this and have been unsuccessful so far. Thanks

Minneapolis, MN

Hi Swanee,

At our Hospital the cost of a 500 cc Heparin bag is $8.22 a bag. vs 90 cents for none Heparin bag of the same size.

Have you found any information on not using Heparin at the table"s.

You can also call me if you wish. (860-224-5404)


Jeff Patten
New Britain Ct



we use 3000 iu of heparin in 500ml normal saline and 6000iu / 1000ml n/s royal medical services--- jordan -amman

I would like to hear from anyone that has stopped the practice of using heparized saline and is now using normal saline. Are you using it on all procedures or just specific ones? Did you use evidence based practice and where did you find it? Would appreciate some input.

Hi Luann

We are thinking about it. Have you found any information on not using Heparin?


Jeff Patten
New Britain Ct

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