Why Is My Lab’s PCI Volume Decreasing?


Morton J. Kern, MD, with contributions from Drs. Carl Tommaso, Peter Ver Lee, Gregg Stone,
Mladen I. Vidovich, Lloyd W. Klein, Bonnie Weiner, Ted Bass, Jimmy Tcheng, Kirk N. Garratt,
Aaron Kaplan, Samuel M. Butman, John Bittl, John W. Hirshfeld, Jr., Michael Lim, and Greg Dehmer

Cath Lab Digest regrets that a page of Dr. Kern's Clinical Editor's Column was omitted from the CLD November print issue. The article is published in full online and in the tablet edition. We will also reprint Dr. Kern's column in full in the January 2012 print issue. We apologize for the error.

View the entire article at "Why Is My Lab’s PCI Volume Decreasing?"

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