Author Guidelines

Cath Lab Digest accepts original articles on topics relevant to the cardiac and peripheral catheterization laboratory, whether clinical, research or administrative. Authors should write with the Cath Lab Digest readership in mind, essentially cath lab professionals (nurses, technologists, managers, administrators, and directors) and invasive cardiologists.

All articles must be written by a clinician or allied professional, and educational in nature. If appropriate, articles will be reviewed in a double-blind manner by the Cath Lab Digest editorial board. This generally takes about 1-2 weeks. Comments will then be returned to the author and revisions requested as needed.

Authors will be required to sign a copyright form prior to publication that asserts their work is original. Copyright is transferred to HMP Communications (HMP will generally grant permission for article re-use as long as the original CLD citation is included; please contact the CLD managing editor for future re-publication permission if need be.)

Article length ranges from 1500-4000 words. Images, charts and graphs are welcome. Authors are welcome to submit a headshot to run next to their article.

Side notes:
1. No headers or footers in the Word doc.
2. Do not use “FULL CAPS” at any point throughout the article or for the title.
3. References should be listed at the end of the article. Statements in the article requiring referencing should be given a number corresponding to the reference listed at the end of the article.
4. Authors should be listed beneath title as: Full name, credentials, title, facility, city, and state
5. Corresponding author information should be provided beneath the author listings (include full mailing address, phone and email address)
6. Double-spacing or single-spacing is acceptable
7. Figure or image captions should be listed at the end of the article as follows:
Photo/image file name: Figure 1. Caption here
Do NOT put captions in the text of the article itself.
8. Images should be high-resolution (above 200k in file size or 300dpi) and in their original file formats (ie, jpg, tif, eps, pdf, etc.)

Thank you for considering Cath Lab Digest! Please email your completed manuscript to Rebecca Kapur, Managing Editor, at Large files can be uploaded directly to a website address (contact editor for details). If you have any further questions, you are welcome to email or call the editor directly at (800) 459-8657.


Paul Washkuch (RT,RCIS)
Staff Technologist
Mercy Hospital
Scranton, Pa.

Just a little Cath Lab humor:

Reconciliation for Cath Patients:
Help me doctor, for I have symptoms.
It has been (state time) since my last procedure.
I blame the following reasons for my symptoms.
I continue to smoke 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day.
I gained 35 lbs.
I quit my exercise program right after my cardiac rehab ended.
I continue to eat foods that are high in saturated fat.
My diabetes is way out of control.
I missed my last 2 appointments with my Cardiologists
I can’t remember when I had my last stress test.
I take my plavix only when I think of doing so.
My lipitor needs to be refilled for 3months or more.
My pressure is off the scale.
My aspirn bottle has been empty for 2 weeks.

I am sorry for abusing myself in this manor and any reason that I may have overlooked.

For your penance, which probably caused your symptoms,
You will need to have 2 more stents placed into your arteries
You must take Aspirn and Plavix without any interruptions for at least one year or until it is deemed reasonable to be stopped by your Cardiologist.
You must free your self of 50 lbs.
You must exercise at least 45 min 3 times a week rain or shine.
Eat healthy foods, Leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, and turkey.
You must have a stress test within 6 weeks after your procedure.
You need to take all medications as prescribed.
Refill all medications when they are nearly empty.
Call your Cardiologists and schedule an appointment.
And most important, you need to quit smoking as of right now!!

For now you need to ask to be treated for today’s untimely visit.

Oh doctor, I am sorry for interrupting your daily schedule.
Who takes care of me whenever I need treatment!
I am in your care and that of the staff that needed to come in at 2:00AM
I truly want to be relieved of my symptoms. I promise to be a model patient, and take care of myself by following the treatment that you prescribed.