Volume 10 - Issue 10 - October, 2002

Clinical and Industry News

Clinical and Industry News

Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin Preferable Anticoagulation Therapy For Procedure To Re-Establish Heart Rhythm

Using the low-molecular-weight heparin drug enoxaparin (Clexane®/Lovenox®) to prevent blood coagulation while performing cardioversion of atrial fibrillation to re-establish a normal heart rhythm is preferred to conventional antithrombotic drugs. Enoxaparin is more reliable and easier to use while performing effectively and safely, according to the multicenter Anticoagulation in Cardioversion Using Enoxaparin (ACE) trial data presented at the European Society of Cardiology (E

What Do You Think?

In the June 2002 issue of Cath Lab Digest, there was a table outlining the states and who cross-trains where according to your Email Discussion Group. In Oregon, you stated that only RNs give drugs. Is there a precedence that anyone knows of? I work in a large cath lab (4000 procedures annually) where the RTs give all the IV narcotics and drugs, and the RNs scrub. I’ve been in touch with both respective boards in the state and neither knows if this is right or wrong. I’ve always wondered how RTs could give IV narcotics, but this is how we’ve always done it. Any help you can give w