Volume 14 - Issue 12 - December, 2006

News from the American Heart Association Meeting (AHA)

The ACC and AHA Launch National Alliance To Reduce Door-to-Balloon (D2B) Times

The American College of Cardiology (ACC), together with the American Heart Association (AHA) and other key national healthcare organizations, announced the launch of its latest quality campaign, Door to Balloon (D2B): An Alliance for Quality. A Guidelines Applied in Practice (GAP) Program, the D2B campaign is aimed at improving the timeliness of lifesaving therapy for patients with heart attacks at U.S. hospitals that perform emergency angioplasty.

Previously published guidelines developed by the ACC

Clinical and Industry News

ChloraPrep® Extends Product Line with New Hi-Lite Orange Tint

Medi-Flex announced an extension of its Chlora Prep® patient preoperative skin preparation line with the addition of new Hi-Lite Orange tinted applicators. The tint gives the surgical team assurance that the site has been prepped, while still allowing visualization of the skin.

The new ChloraPrep tint is available in three applicator sizes: 3 mL, 10.5 mL, and 26 mL. Medical professionals can request free samples by calling 800-523-0502.

ChloraPrep®, including the new tinted product, is a one-step patient preop

Ask the Clinical Instructor: A Q&A column for those new to the cath lab

GFR is glomerular filtration rate. This should be very important to you and the staff taking care of the patient. GFR is better than creatinine and BUN for measuring kidney disease. Creatinines can be at high levels, but it can still be within normal limits for that patient because creatinines also measure muscle metabolism. Your more muscular patients, therefore, will have a higher level, which is normal for them.

GFR was originally measured by injecting inulin. Inulin is not reabsorbed by the kidneys, so it is excreated and can be measured accurately. GFR is measured in milliliters/min