Volume 14 - Issue 12 - December, 2006

Huntsville Hospital

What type of procedures are performed at your facility?

A variety of procedures are performed on approximately 125 adult patients per week. Procedures include angioplasty, stenting, AngioJet® thrombectomy (Possis Medical, Inc., Minneapolis, MN) and Export Aspiration Catheter (Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN), iLab Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) (Boston Scientific, Maple Grove, MN), FilterWire (Boston Scientific, Natick, MA), PolarCath (CryoVascular Systems, Inc./Boston Scientific), SmartWire Pressure System (Volcano Therapeutics, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA), directional coronary atherecto

Structural Heart Disease Repair: A New Frontier for Interventionalists

To be fair, pediatric interventional cardiologists began paving the way in the 1990s with endovascular repair of congenital heart defects, but the field is expanding to include adult patients. Interestingly, some adults who have had surgical repair of their congenital heart defects as infants or children repair that often can now be done percutaneously are now in need of revision, which in some cases can be done endovascularly.

Structural heart disease itself is a bit of an ambiguous umbrella term for any condition related to the heart and major arteries, rather than the smaller blood ves

Transradial Access: Learning with a New Virtual Reality Tool

The most important thing has been the consistent reports of the positive benefits for patients undergoing transradial procedures. Interventional tools are getting smaller, and virtually all of the procedures interventionalists perform can now be done transradially. Previously the need for smaller catheters was a limitation to the technique; the radial artery is obviously smaller than the femoral artery. But now there really are no technical disadvantages when you go to transradial access.

Another important development is that the honeymoon period for femoral closure devices is now over. P