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Sun, 10/07/2018 - 23:50
We are performing more complex interventions via transradial access. Transradial access is here to stay. | Read More
Sun, 10/07/2018 - 22:49
As radial artery access becomes more common in coronary angiography, US guidance has benefits that may result in higher cannulation success rates, fewer total attempts, and decreased procedural time. | Read More
Wed, 10/03/2018 - 23:16
Our case illustrates a rare complication of an aorto-RV fistula that did not require repair. | Read More


Mon, 10/15/18 - 9:34am

Twice-daily XARELTO 2.5-mg vascular dose significantly reduced the risk of major cardiovascular (CV) events by 24 percent, when combined w

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Tue, 10/09/18 - 10:10am

Cardiovascular Research Foundation presents Aria with the Jon DeHaan Foundation Award for Interventional Innovation

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Wed, 10/03/18 - 9:23am

October 3, 2018 — Heart experts have long believed that weekday mornings — and especially Mondays — were the danger zones for unexpected death

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Fear of failure creates a powerful hindrance to adoption for a seasoned and respected interventionist. However, the learning curve to become a competent transradial interventionalist is neither steep nor arduous.

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Volume 26 - Issue 10 - October 2018   |   332 reads

J.A. Mustapha, MD, Founder and Director, AMPutation Prevention Symposium, Founding Board Member, CLI Global Society; Advanced Cardiac and Vascular Amputation Prevention Centers, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It was exciting to see complex CLI cases performed by some of the best CLI operators in the world, who were able to show us extreme, unique approaches to treat complex disease from the groin to the toes. 

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Volume 26 - Issue 10 - October 2018   |   287 reads

Cath Lab Digest talks with David L. Fischman, MD, and Michael P. Savage, MD, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

“Tweetbook: Cardiovascular Interventions” gives us an opportunity to offer up cases for discussion on Twitter that are both peer-reviewed and accompanied by references.

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Volume 26 - Issue 10 - October 2018   |   672 reads

Kintur A. Sanghvi, MD;  Joseph Kusick, DO;  Courtney Krathen, DO

This is a single-center prospective review of a database of patients who underwent endovascular intervention of their PAD with an attempted pedal-first approach by a single operator.

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Volume 26 - Issue 10 - October 2018   |   161 reads

Ruben N. Filimonczuk, RCES, AS-PMD, CCEMT-P, Supervisor Invasive Cardiology, Charlotte, North Carolina

Our department has a 20-bay pre/post unit, three cath lab procedure rooms, and utilizes a hybrid OR room as necessary.

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Volume 26 - Issue 10 - October 2018   |   902 reads