European Union CE Mark Certifies TRI Medical's New Infusion Catheter

Gilbert, Arizona, May 2, 2014 — The Translational Research Institute “TRI,” is pleased to announce that its new ND Infusion Catheter has received CE mark in the European Union “EU”. The patented ND Infusion Catheter provides for “isolation of blood flow in the coronary and peripheral vasculature while allowing the infusion of fluids.” The ND Infusion Catheter’s focus on safety includes a short balloon design that accommodates different vessel diameters, potentially decreasing the chance of dissection. TRI’s Ron Anson, Vice President of Business Development, said, “The catheter’s unique design features provide physicians with a valuable new tool in the delivery of specified fluids.” The multi-lumen channels provide the smallest luminal diameter available in catheter technology today. The micro channels offer better mixing and dispersion of therapeutic agents, which potentially enhances efficacy. Additionally, the catheter’s balloon is uniquely designed to minimize pressure on the vessel wall during inflation, conceivably decreasing incidence of vascular trauma compared to conventional technology. Since the balloon adapts to different vessel diameters, inventory is reduced, thus decreasing costs. TRI’s CEO, Dr. Nabil Dib, MSc, FACC, the catheter’s inventor offered, “Safety was top-of-mind when we designed the new Infusion Catheter. Studies show that the catheter reduces cellular clumping, improves dispersion, and reduces Radial Force; which collectively improves patient safety and procedure outcome efficacy.” About TRI TRI is a privately held, medical device development company. TRI is dedicated to providing a pathway to regulatory approval that is efficient, predictable and cost effective.