Radiation Scatter Survey Results of the Radial Assist RAD BOARD Announced

April 20, 2012

To: Radial Assist, LLC

Re: Radiation Scatter Survey of Radial Assist RAD BOARD by Alliance Medical Physics LLC

Enclosed please find the results of the radiation scatter survey conducted on the RAD BOARD on April 20, 2012. The RAD BOARD is an arm board utilized in cardiac catheterization and interventional labs for radial access. It has the added feature of being partially lined with a 15" by 9" layer of Xenolite TB for additional radiation scatter protection. Xenolite TB, which is a lead-free, super-lightweight 2-element composite equivalent to 0.35mm Pb protection, is embedded in the board under the company logo label. The survey was performed to quantify the ability of the RAD BOARD to reduce radiation scatter to the physician performing the vascular procedure.

The survey was conducted in a cardiac catheterization lab with a Philips Integris Fluoroscopic C-arm with 3 fields of view (9”, 7”, and 5”). An 8” solid water phantom was used to simulate an average size adult male chest; this phantom served as the radiation scatter medium. Measurements of radiation scatter were made with a Victoreen digital ion chamber utilizing integrate mode These measurements were made at the typical location of the physician’s waist and neck, both with and without the RAD BOARD in place (See Figure 3).


The results of the survey indicate that when utilizing the RAD BOARD, radiation scatter exposure levels were reduced by 33% - 40% at waist height, and 21% - 30% at neck height (See Figures 1 & 2).

Sincerely yours, ALLIANCE MEDICAL PHYSICS LLC Michael S. Glaser, M.S. Certified Medical Physicist Diplomat-American Board of Radiology

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