Syntervention Releases First Commercial Product, the SWIPER™ Medical Device Foam Wiper, Designed to Eliminate Foreign Body Contamination Found With Use of Cotton Gauze

Data confirms that foreign body contamination is associated with complications and risks that increase liability and costs to the hospital. ROCKY MOUNT, NC -- Syntervention, Inc. announced today that it has initiated distribution of the Swiper™ Medical Device Foam Wiper, a sterile, biocompatible, fiber-free foam wiper designed for the removal of blood, contrast and other contaminants from sterile instruments and medical devices. “Physicians have been using cotton gauze in interventional procedures because we never had a good alternative. When we first used the Swiper, we realized that this product is meeting a significant need and could reduce risks to the patient.” said Dr. John Laird, University of California, Davis. The Swiper uses a fiber-free, low particulate material originally developed and adopted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the medical device industry. Gauze-based sponges and non-adherent pads, the most common products used today, contain significantly more fiber and particulate than the Swiper. (Data on file at Syntervention and online at “In my personal experience with interventional procedures, I’ve witnessed a number of hazards created by gauze fibers adhering to medical devices and being introduced to the body without the physician’s knowledge.” said Norm Furbush, Syntervention Founder and President. “We are committed to the elimination of preventable contamination during invasive medical procedures, a problem that adds to hospital costs and complications that are often under-reported.” In a recent podium presentation entitled, “Microscopic Foreign Body Contamination During Interventional Procedures" delivered at the New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference in New Orleans, LA, June 9th, 2012, Marsha Holton, CCRN, RCIS, FSICP concluded that severe complications may occur even after achieving an optimal procedural result and a fiber-free material is a viable option to reduce microscopic foreign body contamination in the interventional lab. “We must do all we can to minimize risks to our patients and reduce liability and costs to the hospital.” About Syntervention: Syntervention, Inc., delivers innovative and essential products for medical procedures that reduce costs, contamination, and procedure time. Our vision is the elimination of preventable contamination and related complications and risks during invasive medical procedures. For more information on Syntervention, Inc. and the SWIPER Medical Device Foam Wiper, visit the company’s website at