December 2010

Volume 18 Issue 12

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Todd is the Cardiology Manager for Memorial Hermann Southeast in Houston, Texas. He also teaches an online RCIS Review course for Spokane Community College, in Spokane, Washington, and regularly presents with RCIS Review Courses. ———————————————————…
How prepared is your organization to recognize and embrace the new and changing healthcare regulations that will no doubt impact both ‘big picture’ strategy and day-to-day operations in the coming years? Understanding what these changes mean on every…
Email your question to  Does your lab do any rotational atherectomy via the right radial approach?
CLD did not speak to Dr. Rizik in time to include his comments with those of the other CANARY trial investigators in the November 2010 article. Below, Dr. Rizik shares his experience with the LipiScan and thoughts on the CANARY trial. We have been u…
Dear Dr. Kern, I read your article “Should NPO be the Rule Before Cath?” (CLD Oct 2010) with great interest. As the service line educator for the heart and vascular center at our institution, I recently spent a great deal of time developing a diabet…
Since the release of the FAME1 study [Fractional flow reserve vs. Angiography in Multivessel Evaluation] and new interest in the long-term fractional flow reserve (FFR) outcome studies,2-6 appreciation and use of FFR has risen. Many former skeptical…
Atherosclerosis is a systemic disease affecting all major vascular beds. In the cerebrovascular system, atherosclerosis can result in stroke; in the coronary system, it can result in myocardial infarction, and in the peripheral arteries, atherosclero…
Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta built a unique post procedure lounge for transradial patients that opened in March 2010. CLD catches up with the originator of this project, radialist Dr. Jack Chen, to discuss its impact on the hospital and patient…
Can you tell us about the February 2011 LUMEN meeting, focusing on the process and the procedure of ST- elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) interventions? This is the 10th year for LUMEN, now converted for the third year in a row into a pure ST…