January 2011

Volume 19 Issue 1

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Is it possible to do a complex bifurcation lesion via the transradial approach? Yes, it is possible to do a complex lesion at a bifurcation. Following is a transradial case done by Dr. Zaheed Tai, treating a lesion at the left circumflex and obtuse…
Can you tell us about your own background and how you came to co-found Radial Assist? I am an echo tech by training, and also spent 22 years as a Navy hospital corpsman, which is where I got my original cardiology training. I started in the cath la…
Note: This article contains corrected information (at the bottom asterisk). I have had the good luck and opportunity to be able to discuss problems via an email
Cath Lab Digest talks with: 1. Frank J. Veith, MD, and Wesley S. Moore, MD, on carotid stenting and CREST; 2. Michael Dake, MD, on the first DES approved for the SFA; 3. Frank A. Lederle, MD, on diabetes’ negative association with AAAs; 4. Pet…
Tell us about your cath lab. The Manatee Heart & Vascular Center has one coronary lab, two coronary/peripheral labs, an electrophysiology (EP) lab and a 12-bed holding area for pre/post cath. Staff includes 10 registered nurses (RNs), 6 cardiov…