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March 2011

Volume 19 Issue 3
Dear Dr. Kern, I just came across a great article about unintentional hypothermia as it relates to the OR environment. It seems to me this article should apply to the cath lab environment as well. The article, “Unintentional hypothermia: Using eviden…
Several timely articles in leading newspapers across the country are spotlighting the recent surge in radial artery cardiac catheterization. For example, Suzanne Hoholik wrote the article “Some surgeons inserting stents through the wrist” for the Col…
Orthotopic heart transplantation is an effective therapy for patients with end-stage congestive heart failure.1 Complications and comorbidities associated with orthotopic heart transplant and the medications needed to prevent rejection include infect…
Abstract Implantable port-catheter systems are being used increasingly for long-term intravenous therapy. Intracardiac catheter embolization is a serious complication and most reported cases have been right-sided embolizations. Left-sided embolizatio…
Tell us about the creation of the new guidelines. It was actually in 2006, after completing the 1992 infection control guidelines update, that the SCAI Lab Standards Committee (now the Quality Improvement Committee), looked at renewing the 1992 radi…
Can you tell us about your cath lab? The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital Cardiac Cath Lab has 6 cardiovascular labs, 1 electrophysiology lab and 2 peripheral vascular labs. We have 50 staff members, including management, made up of a mix of nurses…