May 2011

Volume 19 Issue 5

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AngioJet® Solent™ Proxi Thrombectomy CatheterMedrad Interventional (Indianola, Pennsylvania) announces the availability of the Solent Proxi thrombectomy catheter, designed for large, difficult-to-remove thrombus like that found in deep vein thrombosi…
Questions AnsweredSterile Medication DistributionWho can/cannot hand off medication to the CVT or physician on the sterile field? If the circulator is a CVT, are they still able to handle these medications and put them on sterile field? In our practi…
Register Today: SICP Annual Meeting, July 28-30, 2011, Boston MARegistration is open and available online at Please make your plans to participate in this much-anticipated meeting. Topics include: exploration of new techniques, case stu…
Dear Dr. Kern, I read with interest your article on “Contrast Anaphylactoid Reaction: Is There a Preventative Treatment?” However, after reading the article, I am more puzzled.
The juxtaposition between medicine and literature has provoked a unique book called “The Sublime Engine: A Biography of the Human Heart.” Co-writer Stephen Amidon is a novelist and literary critic.  His previous frame of reference for  understanding…
Capnography is an underutilized technology that could potentially save lives. By definition, it is simply the measurement of a patient’s exhaled carbon dioxide represented as a waveform on a monitor, but it is so much more than that. It provides a re…
An 81-year-old male with a history of hypertension and hyperlipidemia underwent a left heart catheterization procedure following a positive stress test and was referred to Zaheed Tai, DO, for a possible intervention. The left heart cath, performed vi…
Nurse’s Week allows us to set aside some time each year to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution nurses make in our world. This year, Nurse’s Week will be celebrated from May 6th (also known as Nurse’s Day) ending May 12th (Florence Nightingale’…
Cath Lab Digest talks with Frank Kresock, MD, Cath Lab Director, Cardiovascular Center, Parker, Arizona, about his experience with the Arstasis device, which changes the approach to femoral arterial access in order to facilitate artery closure.
AbstractIntroduction. Left ventricular assist devices help in reducing the cardiac workload, and provide circulatory assistance and protection to the myocardium and vital organs in patients with severe systolic dysfunction. Impella 2.5, a percutaneou…