September 2011

Volume 19 Issue 9

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ACIST Medical Systems Contrast Delivery System Facilitates Diagnosis of 10 Millionth PatientACIST Medical Systems, Inc., a Bracco Group company, offering contrast injection system technology for cardiovascular angiography, announced that intervention…
El Centro College Allied Health and Nursing Center, Dallas, TX: Providing an Exceptional Health Sciences Education ExperienceGeorge L. Nelson, Jr. RCIS, RCP, Coordinator ICVT ProgramEl Centro College, Dallas, TexasThe opening of the El Centro College…
Contact us with your question or respond to a question at Answered!Mask Wear?We are trying to collect data from cath labs about requirements for the circulator and whether cath labs require the circulator to wear a mask during…
Many of our patients undergoing cardiac catheterization have had bypass graft surgery (CABG). Some patients have had surgery over a decade or more ago; others within the last several years. Rarely do patients need to come to the cath lab within six m…
The PICSO system (Miracor Medical Systems, Vienna, Austria) attempts to improve myocardial perfusion by redistributing blood flow into the damaged microcirculation immediately following percutaneous coronary intervention for acute myocardial infarcti…
Whether the decision at your organization is to upgrade the existing facility or to build from the ground-up, construction or renovation of an interventional suite is no longer about the square footage and equipment selection alone. The endless decis…
Large-bore vessel sheaths are being utilized more frequently in the cardiac catheterization laboratory, especially with the advent of newer technologies which demand larger bore sheaths, such as the Impella 2.5 ventricular assist device (Abiomed, Dan…
The arstaotomy procedure with the Axera Access device creates a surgically precise, ultra-low angle arteriotomy through the arterial wall and into the artery. The procedure begins with a thin-wall needle to puncture into the lumen of the femoral arte…
Tell us about your lab.The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) has 4 dedicated cath labs with 9 practicing interventionalists, 6 of whom are on faculty at MUSC. We do coronary, peripheral, and structural procedures.