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October 2013

Volume 21 Issue 10
While coronary artery spasm (CAS) is not an uncommon event and spontaneous spams might occur in young patients as well as during percutaneous coronary intervention in elderly patients, extensive multivessel spasm rarely occurs.
Herein, we present a case of chronic upper extremity venous occlusion with debilitating symptoms that was treated successfully with venoplasty and stenting.
Pleating artifact” is a benign pathology rarely seen during coronary interventions. It can occur when a curved artery is straightened by a stiff guide wire.
Do you always do transradial PCI through a 6 Fr sheath or can you go smaller, and is there any advantage to doing so?
Coronary angiography revealed significant myocardial bridging of the middle segment of the left anterior descending coronary artery, with no other abnormalities. This finding is the cause of the patient’s symptoms.
There is no product left behind: no collagen, no string, nothing. We could consider this an “organic” approach to access and closure.
We developed our own protocol and kept track of all of our patients, doing our own research that was based on our population. It was worth it to trial the AXERA, to get our head wrapped around the theory of this device, and that it really works.
Within the University of Miami’s 560-bed hospital, the cardiac catheterization laboratory holds four hybrid angio suites: one equipped with a computerized magnetic guidance system (Stereotaxis), one regular cath lab, and two interventional radiology…
Critical limb ischemia (CLI) management has been dominated by endovascular advances in the last decade. The latest paradigm change in preventing amputation in CLI patients is utilization of pedal artery access.
The GuideLiner catheter is a monorail “mother and child” guiding catheter extension that serves to facilitate stent delivery and is approved for providing extra support and coaxial guide engagement. While this device was primarily designed to aid in…