December 2013

Volume 21 Issue 12

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’Twas the night before Christmas Eve, and in the Heart Center…
ACIST Medical Systems, Inc. updates its corporate branding to express the transformation of this market leader of advanced contrast imaging system technology.
Todd Sorenson, Dawn Holmes, Reynald Dorsainvil, and Anna Collins were the first candidates trained at the first freestanding cardiovascular medical simulation training center that opened on October 21, 2013.
Can you perform chronic total occlusion (CTO) cases via both radials? If so, what size sheaths and guides are you using, and what is your preferred technique in crossing a CTO?
By educating staff on the direct impact that early stroke recognition has on treatment outcomes, they will embrace the opportunity to contribute to the care of patients in this new way.
Measures to avoid CIN should be undertaken in all cath labs.
This case illustrates the benefits of using the angioplasty coronary wire as means for pacing the right ventricle without necessarily requiring a temporary pacemaker insertion into the right ventricle.
The results of the Complete SE study are in line with several of the other SFA stent trials, and I think these trials give us more comfort about stenting in the SFA and popliteal arteries.