February 2014

Volume 22 Issue 2

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In the January 2014 issue, CLD featured a discussion question submitted by Marshall Ritchey, MS, MBS, RCIS, CPFT, a cath lab manager. His question focused on whether STEMI patients — if stable and not in great distress — should be slid over from the…
Only Accredited Chest Pain Center in the Oklahoma City Metro Area
Email notice of credentialing, job changes, promotions, etc., to us at cathlabdigest@aol.com. This month, Cath Lab Digest would like to congratulate….
I received an important question about running a code (cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation) in the cath lab from an administrative director of an interventional cath lab without cardiothoracic surgical back up.
Of all the current financial, compliance, and operational issues facing cardiovascular administrators today, cath lab staffing continues to top the list of common conundrums.
A 55-year-old female patient presented to our facility with dyspnea in the setting of bacteremia. During the course of her hospital stay, she was diagnosed with two rare entities that were contributing to her symptoms: severe pulmonary hypertension r…
This case illustrates where coronary orbital atherectomy can be easily utilized via a radial approach to modify the plaque and allow for successful stenting of an extremely calcified long lesion.
We describe here a case of a man who developed ventriculoseptal rupture with cardiogenic shock after a large myocardial infarction and later received hemodynamic support with a TandemHeart assist device, allowing myocardial recovery and eventual defi…
The attraction of a wearable device that could stream live video, connect to the Internet and facilitate live peer-to-peer interaction – without the use of your hands – seemed like a fantastic combination for teaching fellows and consulting colleague…