May 2014

Volume 22 Issue 5

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The study involved 67 people with asymptomatic carotid stenosis (ACS), with a 50-percent reduction in the diameter of the artery and 60 people with vascular risk factors but without the condition.
Dr. Lin and his colleagues looked at clinical trials and data involving out-of-hospital cardiac arrests that were published in medical journals up to July 2013 and found that adrenaline showed no benefit in survival to discharge from hospital or neur…
The Supera stent, which mimics rather than resists the artery’s natural movement, is an important advancement for many PAD patients, helping to ease their leg pain while walking.(1)
SickKids’ first Cardiac Diagnostic Interventional Symposium, held October 18-19, 2013, was presented as part of the hospital’s vision of “Healthier Children. A Better World.” Over 40 nurses, physicians and allied healthcare professionals from the Hos…
Perhaps the greatest means for reducing costs and improving quality is through the accountable care organization and bundled payments, respectively.
We have developed a host of tools called, available as a website, and iOS and Android apps. Collectively, represents a set of informational and efficiency tools designed to help healthcare personnel make informed decisions…
Current practice patterns often utilize approaches with little or no supporting data. These approaches are reviewed, as well as newer strategies such as “targeted renal therapy” and expanded use of CO2 angiography.
Use of the Axera does not mean you are abandoning the traditional femoral access approach; this device is an attempt at modifying and hopefully improving it.
The cath labs at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center will be celebrating 30 years of operation in July of this year.