Announcing a Free, Interactive Tutorial on Transradial Intervention from Dr. Tejas Patel

Dr. Tejas Patel
Dr. Tejas Patel

Transradial Interventions: Interactive Tutorial by Prof. Tejas Patel, MD, DM, FESC, FACC, FSCAI, is a virtual classroom, covering basic to advanced techniques of transradial access. It has 17 different sections, starting with a discussion on puncture techniques, and ending with mesenteric and superficial femoral artery interventions. 

In the span of the twenty-three years of his career as an internationally acclaimed interventional cardiologist and a well-known teacher, Dr. Patel has been instrumental in assisting many countries in his pursuit to propagate the transradial technique globally. He started practicing transradial angioplasty beginning in early 2000. As of September 2013, Dr. Patel had performed close to 48,000 transradial procedures, including about 12,500 transradial coronary interventions, and approximately 500 transradial peripheral interventions. It is one of the highest individual experiences in the world. Dr. Patel has, to his credit, close to 175 research papers and articles published in peer-reviewed cardiology journals. He has written seven chapters on transradial angioplasty in different international cardiology textbooks. His Patel’s Atlas of Transradial Intervention: The Basics & Beyond (published in 2012 by HMP Communications), has been used worldwide for transradial angioplasty instruction and education.

The new online tutorial, complemented by the Atlas, is a one-stop shop for all operators practicing transradial angioplasty, as well as those who want to practice the transradial technique. The tutorial is hosted on It is available free at the following sites: php?pid=4