Letter from the Editor

CLD's editorial board expands for 2005

I’m pleased to welcome a new group of professionals to the Cath Lab Digest Editorial Board. It’s a long-overdue step, as our current consulting editors have been working very hard to ensure CLD continues to provide valuable, useful, and most importantly, correct information. To help lighten their load, we recently extended join-the-board invitations to Patti Coblentz, Steve Gressmire, Pamela Hyde, Michael Lim, Annie Ruppert and Charles Williams. CLD is honored at their acceptance and we will work hard to live up to their high standards. Many readers may be unaware of what duties an editorial board member undertakes. First, editorial board members are not paid this is purely a pro bono position, or for the good of the community. An editorial board member’s primary duty is to review manuscripts (blindly, or without knowing who the author is) and provide opinion on their content. Is the article worthy of publication? Did the author leave out any data? It is always the hope of every publication that their editorial board members will feel a sense of ownership, and keep in good contact with ideas, relevant news, and recommendations, as well as criticisms. There are occasional discussions about the publication’s direction between the editor(s) and consulting board members. (The content of these discussions is often echoed by vigilant readers as well.) The CLD publishing team definitely struts a little when our consulting editors say positive things, and takes a close look when board members (and readers) offer criticism. If you ever have a question or comment that you’d like to direct to one of the Cath Lab Digest editorial board members (or our board in general), please contact feel free to contact them at the email address below. The December issue features an article on coronary perforation in the new device era, a brief review of pharmacological management in acute MI, a review of inventory management options, and a roundup of the varied inventory management practices published in Cath Lab Digest over the past year. In addition, we look at some of the relevant American Heart Association news, and the CLD Email Discussion Group shares their experience with infection control and contrast allergy management. Please also take a moment to fill out the annual CLD salary survey form and send it in (whether via fax or email.) We’ll be publishing the results early next year. Enjoy! Knowledge is the one thing no one can ever take from you. Rebecca Kapur Managing Editor CathLabDigest@aol.com