HOW TO... Simultaneously Review Past Exams During A Current Procedure Using the Features of ComView's ViewNT In-Room Digita

TO VIEW LARGE-SIZE IMAGE, CLICK ON IMAGE. 1. TO BEGIN A PROCEDURE, simply select the New icon and enter the patient’s demographics. DICOM Worklist Management and HIS/HEMO interfaces are also available to eliminate redundant data entry. 2. DURING THE PROCEDURE, Quantitative Analysis, Annotations or Image Review can occur on the reference monitor without affecting Fluoro, Cine or Image Replay on the Live Monitor. 3. FROM THE REFERENCE MONITOR, selecting the open icon provides you with the tools to search a central database or DICOM CD for previous exams for this patient. Opening a previous exam on the reference monitor does not affect live functionality. 4. STATIC AND DYNAMIC IMAGE REVIEW, as well as fluoro and cine acquisitions, are available for the current exam, using the Live monitor. The Reference monitor provides static and dynamic image review as well as quantitative tools of past exams. These operations are independent of each other and can occur simultaneously. 5. WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED REVIEWING PREVIOUS EXAMS, select the Synchro icon. The previous studies are closed and the reference monitor returns to the current study. 6. IMAGES ACQUIRED ON THE VIEWNT SYSTEM are automatically exported in the background at the end of each run. DICOM image export occurs independent of any fluoro, cine or review function being performed on the system. Therefore, there are no additional steps required before starting another patient, other than simply selecting Close and New. 7. FINAL NOTE: Images available through a central server or uploaded from a CD must be in a DICOM-compliant format. Retrieval of images from a central server location requires that the network archive supports DICOM Query and Retrieve capabilities. The image upload of past exams feature has been validated using ComView’s ViewNET central server solution and may require additional validation with non-ComView systems. If you have any questions regarding connectivity or validation with your existing archive system, please contact ComView at (800) 444-3022.