Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Hello from Denton, Texas. I just read Dr. Kern’s article in the September issue of Cath Lab Digest, DTB Putting the Cath Lab’s Role in Perspective. Just last month our cath lab experienced a DTB time of 28 minutes. Fortunately enough, it was during the day and we prepared very quickly for the Care-flight arrival of the patient. Our interventional cardiologist is fresh out of school and this was to be his first intervention with us. To say the least, our performance was incredible. We were all on the same page and anticipated the needs of the physician. The patient came in with chest pain at a rate of 8/10 and once we were able to fluoro, we saw the RCA as the culprit. First we ballooned the vessel, then put in a drug-eluting stent, and by the time we were done, we were notified of our DTB time. It was a first for our cath lab and we hope it will not be the last. C. Flores, RCIS Presbyterian Hospital of Denton Denton, Texas