Letter to the Editor

Robert J. Rogers, MD, wrote Cath Lab Digest in reference to the following text from the June 2004 cath lab design article, At the Heart: The first diagram illustrates a spatial width of 19 feet, extremely tight given that an anesthesiologist with a cart connected to gases may tend to a patient. Today, that space can be as great as 28 feet wide, an increase not only to accommodate a sizable anesthesiology cart, but to allow a growing number of staff to administer to the patient from all sides. Dear Editor, I do enjoy reading Cath Lab Digest, and was very interested in the article on cath lab planning, by Coleman DeMoss, RA. (At the Heart: Cath Lab Planning Adapts to New Technology and Improved Diagnoses, June 2004, page 32). As an anesthesiologist, I work closely with many of the cath lab team members, and thought that perhaps Mr. DeMoss might have mentioned the requirements of anesthesia needs. Improper planning in this area can lead to not only trips and falls from cords across the floor but true chemical and safety emergencies. (Ed. note: Subheaders) Changing Spaces and Something’s Gotta Give should include the need for the planners to discuss and consider all colleagues on the team, as a well planned-out facility enhances not only safety and efficiency, but also a more pleasant work environment: one which can become very stressful. Thank you for your consideration. Robert J. Rogers, MD, FACP Diplomat ABA &ABIM Cedars Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles, CA Do you have something to say about an article you read in Cath Lab Digest or thoughts about life in the cath lab? Send your Letter to the Editor to: Rebecca Kapur, Managing Editor CathLabDigest@aol.com 631 West 13 Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI 48073 Your letter may get published in an upcoming issue!