Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals

Letter From the President

Tracy Simpson RCIS, FSICP, President, SICP,
Tracy Simpson RCIS, FSICP, President, SICP,
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Dear Friends, As winter melts away and the change of seasons jolt us into spring, I would like to take a few minutes to share some news about the Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals (SICP). Our society has been in the process of transitioning from our current management firm to a new one, based out of North Carolina. We as a board have been very busy ensuring that the society keeps moving in a positive direction through our reconstruction period. Please accept my apology for being out of touch for a bit but now that we are rolling full steam ahead I wanted to spell out the facts for you. With this being said, I would like to introduce you to our transitioning management firm. Our new firm is Olson Management Group/First Point Resources (OMG). OMG was first formed in the early 1970s and over the past thirty years they have widened their scope by working with national organizations such as the SICP. OMG has an array of other clients ranging from local, state, regional, national, and international groups. They strive to provide the highest level of service to not-for-profit organizations and to bring efficient business practices to the management of organizations large and small. OMG holds Charter Accreditation status through the accreditation services of the American Society of Association Executives. The firm is located at 1500 Sunday Drive, Suite 102, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607, and the new SICP phone number is (919) 861-4546. This is your new point of contact when trying to contact the SICP home office. You can also reach us at or Our website, will continue to be up and running during the rest of the transition, so please feel free to utilize it as you always have. We will be working on the website from time to time but it should not interfere with the everyday operations of the site. As for this year’s conference schedule, the society is very hard at work gathering information for where we will all be meeting. Please stay tuned to the website as well as email mailings for further details. Now it’s your turn! The SICP is always looking for ambitious volunteers to sit on committees, so if you have any interest or know someone that does please contact our board so we can put your ideas into action! You can always reach me at¦ think about it and drop me an email! I would also like to make mention of our Gulf Coast Chapter in Houston, Texas, and throw out the idea to you about putting together a state chapter of your own! Lynne Jones and Scott Hardin very successfully put together the Gulf Coast Chapter of the SICP a couple of years ago and are going strong and pushing nearly 100 members! Job well done and the national chapter is very proud. If this is something that seems interesting, please contact Lynne Jones at Lynne would be more than happy to help get you started with your own regional chapter of the SICP. I hope this letter finds you all well and happy that spring is popping up all over the country. I wish you all a wonderful change of seasons and I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Thanks so much for your time and continued support of the SICP! To join the SICP, please call: (919) 861-4546, or visit, SICP 1500 Sunday Drive, Suite 102, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607