Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals

Letter from the President/Fellowship in the SICP/Letter to the Editor

Letter from the President Dear Members and Friends, As summer winds down and we head into the fall, I would again like to take a couple of moments to catch up with you all. I hope this letter finds you all well and ready for the season’s change. The past few months have been very busy for the SICP. As previously reported, we transitioned to a new management company early this year and the staff has been very busy completing the transition as well as motivating us to move forward. This has entailed so many unspoken hours of the Board and of our management company, FirstPoint/OMG. Plans are in the works to improve our website to make it easier for you to navigate the pages and so that you'll find up-to-date information about our board and upcoming events. Soon we'll be premiering a section of CEU offerings to be purchased online in electronic or hard copy format. As we move through this process, we'll keep you in the loop as we tie up loose ends and launch this exciting new program. We have also changed our renewal process to so that every member’s renewal date is December 31st of each year. In the past, members renewed on the specific month that he/she joined. A calendar year membership cycle will eventually simplify this for every member, as well as SICP staff. Renewal notices for those who had not yet renewed for 2004 were sent and this extended the membership year through December 31, 2005, at the cost of one year's membership dues. For those members that are due for renewal for 2005, a notice will be mailed towards the end of the year to renew through December 31, 2006. This should put every member on the same billing cycle. Now, let’s talk chapters! I am so very pleased to have the honor of tooting our own horn on the state level. We have so many states that have taken the extra step to reach the state chapter milestone. Texas is in the process of putting together a second chapter in that state. The newest chapter will serve the Austin area. You know what they say: Everything is bigger in Texas. Other states that are in the process include Connecticut, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia, to name a few. We as the national society look forward to welcoming them into our family, as well as the rest of you who are interested in climbing aboard. I would also like to know if and when you will be at any upcoming industry conferences. SICP board members are constantly traveling and often attend various conferences through the year. We would love to meet the SICP members. Drop us an email so either I or a board member can make arrangements to meet up with you. We as a board and a society feel it is important to have a direct connection to the Society membership. This will enable our growth as a Society, as well as continued growth in the cardiovascular profession. You can always reach me at or coordinate a meeting through SICP headquarters by emailing I look forward to hearing from you in the future. I hope you all have a colorful fall season and again, thanks so very much for your continued support of the Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals. Tracy Simpson RCIS, FSICP President, SICP, To join the SICP, please call: (919) 861-4546, or visit SICP 1500 Sunday Drive, Suite 102, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 Fellowship in te SICP Becoming a Fellow of the SICP is a prestigious achievement. It is awarded to those members who have proven themselves an invaluable asset to the SICP in such ways as participating at the community, state, and committee levels. Fellowship will be granted to those members who have : Passed, the Invasive Registry (RCIS) examination administered by Cardiac Credentialing International (CCI). Maintained active status with SICP and CCI . Participated in a five-year clinical practice in the field of cardiology based in the cardiac catheterization laboratory or clinical workload of at least 1,800 cases. Currently hold a staff position at an accredited health care facility based in the cardiac catheterization laboratory . Made significant contributions to the SICP, or to the field of invasive/ diagnostic cardiology This last requirement may be fulfilled by publication in national journals, authoring or coauthoring a book/chapter, serving on committees or special projects for the society, or serving as an officer or committee chairman in a recognized national organization which has an overlapping interest in cardiology. This requirement may also be met if the applicant has been responsible for the organization of, or presentation in, educational programs on the national or regional level with a course curriculum relevant to cardiology. SICP will consider an applicant who believes that they meet criteria five by other means not specifically listed in the explanation of criteria five. As a Fellow of the SICP you will be called upon to assist the Officers and Board of Directors with various tasks and/or appointments. Carrying out these tasks is a fundamental part of your Active Fellowship. Completion of the duties will be monitored by the Board of Directors and are a requirement to maintain active Fellowship. If you are interested in applying for Fellowship status in the SICP please contact Nicole Shore, SICP looks forward to your application! Letter to the Editor Helpful tip from a fellow professional Here’s a helpful tip we use in our interventional cardiac cath lab. Sometimes doctors order oral meds to be given while the patient is on the table. We used to have to leave the patient’s side and go out of the room to get water so the patient could take the pill. We now have small (8oz) individual water bottles in our lab. The water is fresh and easy to put a straw into. Because we can cap it, the bottle also doesn’t spill on the counter. Sincerely, Shari Marshall, RN Cardiac Cath Lab Northern Illinois Medical Center McHenry, Illinois Do you have a helpful tip to share with readers? Send in your lab’s timesavers or your suggestions for paths of increased efficiency to: Attn. Rebecca You may be published in a future issue!