NtenseV Care

Tammy Sommer, RT Cardiac Cath Lab Sherman Health, Elgin, Illinois
Tammy Sommer, RT Cardiac Cath Lab Sherman Health, Elgin, Illinois

My left arm hurts – I don’t feel well
Think I better sit down for a spell
Starting to sweat – I know something is wrong
Upon my chest feels like King Kong

I grabbed the phone to dial 9-1-1
Fumbling with the numbers
But I couldn’t dial…not one!

I hear the sirens in the back of my head
I must be dreaming
Am I still in my bed?

In and out of consciousness – the lights are starting to dim
Me winning this battle – my chances are slim

The pain is incredible – I don’t know what to do
But all I can hear is “call a code blue”
Slipping deeper into the chasm in the floor
Don’t think I can take much more

The road I’m on – so bright and neat
Unaware it was a one-way street
The stairway to heaven – indeed this must be
Looking backwards all I can see is ME

Whoa! Wait!—this can’t be true
I’m too young to die – God, please let me pull through
Intense pain rips through my chest
“Continue CPR” is what I hear next

We’re going to lose him, his pressure’s too low
We’ve got to open this artery and restore the blood flow
100% occluded – we’ve got to work fast
Or his agonal breaths will be his last

Echoes all around me – to the darkness I succumb
The pain is not pleasure, but I’m comfortably numb

Seeing all the faces of loved ones I have lost
Rang a bell inside my head
You must fight back – at all cost

Don’t stop helping me – I’ve got my body in sight
I was told to come back
It’s not my time to go to the light

“Doctor, he’s back and his vitals are stable.”
“A job well done, team
“Nobody dies on my table!”

Somewhat awake and very afraid
Knowing that my impending death had just been delayed
“The worst part is over – but now you must rest.
"You’re in the hospital and your heart’s not the best.”

“A few more days of rest,
“Then home to where you belong.
“I trust that smoking habit of yours soon will be gone.”

Thank you, doctor
To you I owe a lot
Better care of my heart I’ll take
It’s the only one I’ve got.