Letter from the Editor

Our biggest issue yet.

This is your publication, and we’re grateful for your interest and contributions. Without you, we are not of much use! Cath Lab Digest always attempts to reflect the dedication and intelligence of our readers. If CLD makes a mistake or doesn’t live up to your expectations, we count on hearing from you. In our experiences speaking with cath lab professionals across the country (and worldwide), CLD has noticed that our readers share certain traits. You tend to be good-humored, curious, problem-solvers, compassionate, have a high tolerance for stress, the ability to put others first, and an affinity for the adrenaline rush that the cath lab can provide! If you identify with these traits, know that you are someone we think of when putting together CLD each month. In this issue, CLD will intrigue you with a debate straight from the heart of the Cath Lab Digest Annual Symposium on Cardiovascular Care (ASOCC). Early invasive therapy versus medical therapy go head-to-head. You decide the winner (or if there is one). Anti-platelet therapy utilization and bed utilization are just a few of the data you will find starting on page 34. These data, from over 80 facilities, are courtesy of Goodroe Healthcare Solutions. Even if you’ve been out of school for a long time, the SICP’s CVT school spotlight on the Carnegie Institute in Troy, Michigan, will grab your attention. Chief Instructor and Program Coordinator Alan Bennett tells prospective students to ask themselves: Do you have the emotional maturity to take your own concerns about breaks and work assignments and holiday call and all the other things we tend to get caught up in and put them aside to give patients the kind of care you would want someone to give to you? A good question for anyone to ask themselves, regardless of their profession. Enjoy! Rebecca Yospyn Managing Editor Cath Lab Digest CathLabDigest@aol.com