Readers comment on the May Cath Lab Digest Email Discussion Group Question:

Cross-training There is some controversy over the role(s) available in the cath lab for different credentials and just to what extent they can and should be cross-trained. What do you feel are the proper role(s) or responsibilities for RNs, RCISs, and RT(R)s in the cath lab? What about other credentials like physician assistants (PAs)? CVT Program is valuable I am currently in school for a CVT program and I think what has been taught through the school is more beneficial than being trained on the job. With the CVT program, you learn about diagnosing and more prevention than with on-the-job training. Over time, on-the-job training would eventually broaden your knowledge, but with the schooling you have through the program, you have your foot in the door and are ready to jump in. M. W. Individual potential important The idea that a staff member in the cath lab is labeled by their credentialing provokes dissension. I think that each must be evaluated on an individual basis. State laws limit the cross-trainability of staff. Any person competent enough to function effectively in the cath lab should stretch to reach their full potential. Mark Shafer, RT Kettering Medical Center Kettering, Ohio Do you have a question that needs answering? Contact the Cath Lab Digest Email Discussion Group at: cathlabdigest@hotmail.com