Cath Lab Spotlight

Real-World Inventory Management

Hartford Hospital Ed Messer, BSN, MBA, Hartford, CN Hartford Hospital is a tertiary care center with the capacity of caring for 674 patients at any given time. The cardiac catheterization labs are comprised of four suites, two monitoring rooms, two scrub areas, a supply room and a holding area in which patients are monitored before and after their procedure. An Inventory Manager, Edward Clukey, RCIS, and an assistant manage the supply room. They are responsible for all equipment stocked within the lab, negotiating prices, and performing patient care duties within the lab. Ed works in conjunction with purchasing and the vendors to obtain the best price for the products used in the cath lab. Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Brenda Boone, RN, BSN, La Jolla, CA Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla has 372 acute-care licensed beds and more than 1,700 employees. The Cardiovascular Center at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla has three cath labs, one electrophysiology lab, and a six-bed recovery area. The senior buyer for the cath lab is responsible for handling all of the purchasing and supplies. We also have a Lawson purchasing system (Lawson Software, St. Paul, MN) for Scripps Health. We do all our ordering through this system to track utilization and inventory. Holmes Regional Medical Center Mathew Litz BS, RCIS, Melbourne, FL Our lab, which is located in Health First’s 514-bed Holmes Regional Medical Center, was recently expanded to include five high-tech labs, one special procedures room, and a three-bed holding and recovery area. We utilize a computer-generated and manually-ordered process, which includes an on-time ordering strategy. Equipment purchases are generally handled by the evaluating user group, which is typically comprised of several disciplines, including cath lab senior staff, physicians, biomedical staff and information technology. For supplies, several accountable senior staff members input requisitions through our purchasing agent in Contract Supply Chain Administration. Holmes Regional Medical Center Cardiac Cath Lab can be contacted via Mathew Litz, BS, RCIS, at: Charlton Memorial Hospital Laurie Mulgrew, RT(R)(CV)(M), Fall River, MA Our cath lab facility consists of 2 cardiac cath labs, control room, reading room, a 5-bay holding area and support space. We will be adding a third room for a comprehensive electrophysiology program. We have two staff members who manage inventory. Most supplies are currently reordered through our hospital information system. We are currently working on an inventory management system within our department to automate at much as possible. Our staff members work with the purchasing department for purchasing and equipment orders and is very cognizant of equipment choices and costs. Laurie Mulgrew can be contacted at: St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Jackie McAninch, RN, Ann Arbor, MI Our cath lab has three dedicated inpatient procedure rooms and a six-bay prep/recovery area within the hospital. One procedure room has bi-plane imaging capabilities. We also have an outpatient swing lab, located in our Michigan Heart & Vascular Institute, which is connected to the hospital. The swing lab has 8 hotel-like prep and recovery rooms. We have a purchasing specialist who handles the purchasing of equipment and supplies. Our Witt system (Melbourne, FL) is utilized for our inventory control. Equipment and supplies used during a procedure are documented and reconciled to established par levels for reorder amounts. Jackie McAninch can be reached at: Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Sunny Koshy BS, RT(R)(CT)(CV)(CI) (ARRT), CCT, RCIS, Winston-Salem, NC We have five suites with a total of 44 staff members, including technical and nursing staff, support personnel, and students. Inventory is managed by a dedicated clinical inventory coordinator, T. Fulwood. She also orders our equipment and supplies. Each product in our inventory is stamped with a barcode sticker. Once a product is used, copy of the barcode stickers are sent back to inventory coordinator. The system that we utilize is called PeopleSoft (Pleasanton, CA). Orders are placed by the inventory coordinator depending on need. It has to be approved by the manager of the department, and then the purchasing manager of the hospital places the order for the new products. Sunny Koshy can be contacted at Community Medical Center Thomas Gaylets, RN, BSN, Scranton, PA Community Medical Center is a 310-bed facility. We currently have 3 procedure rooms: the first for electrophysiology, the second for peripheral procedures, and a third for cardiac procedures. At this point, we do all inventory by hand and the cath lab manager handles purchasing and ordering. We utilize two technologists, who on a daily basis, oversee the stock and order when needed. Very shortly, we will be looking at a bar code system to replace this method. We are in the process of obtaining quotes for various systems and then having them reviewed by the person in charge of capital equipment. Thomas Gaylets can be reached at Charlotte Regional Medical Center Brenda Neuman, Manager of CRMC Cath Lab, RT(R), Punta Gorda, FL Charlotte Regional Medical Center is home to two cardiac catheterization labs, and an additional lab dedicated solely to electrophysiology. Our lab performs an estimated 3,000 cases per year with 19 different cardiologists. At this time, our inventory is generally obtained through an inventory order process. The manager is in charge of replacing stock and equipment. Contact Rose Marie McCafferty at rose.mccafferty@ Sutter Medical Center -Sacramento Brenda McCulloch, RN, MSN, Sacramento, CA Sutter Medical Center-Sacramento has 4 cath suites and a 10-bed Holding Area. Our newest room opened early in 2003 and is primarily dedicated to electrophysiology procedures. We performed 5323 cases in 2003 and expect to perform more in 2004. In a busy week, we will do 40 diagnostic caths, 30 coronary interventions, 10 peripheral interventions, 10 EPS/ablations, 10 pacemakers/ ICDs, and 5 cardioversions and tilt table tests. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated Materials Management Coordinator in the department who oversees our extensive inventory of supplies, catheters, and devices. Inventory is managed using a GE computerized tracking system and bar code scanning at the point of supply usage, which automatically modifies inventory and alerts the Materials Management Coordinator when the re-order threshold has been reached. The GE Marquette Mac-Lab (Waukesha, WI) interfaces to the GE LMT system in the Materials Coordinator’s office and supplies are ordered. A careful verification of all procedures and charges is done daily to eliminate lost charges and verify accuracy of charges. Brenda McCulloch can be contacted at Mayo Medical Center Stephen Pieper, RN, BSN, Rochester, MN Our cath lab facility consists of two separate entities on the Mayo Medical Center campus. We have five adult procedure rooms, one pediatric procedure room and one EECP room at Saint Mary’s Hospital. The Gonda Cath Lab facility consists of two adult procedure rooms that primarily support our outpatient practice. Last year, we performed 7,109 diagnostic cardiac catheterization procedures and over 1,700 interventional procedures. We have two material management individuals who work with our supplies. Most of the everyday supplies are kept in the Mayo Inventory Center (MIC) and are PAR stocked in the lab. The MIC staff scans the barcodes on the items on a handheld computer and resupplies our stock on an as needed basis. The interventional supplies are ordered on a biweekly basis, which is monitored by the Materials Management staff. Other supplies are ordered as needed by electronic ordering through the Purchasing Department. This is all completed through the Lawson System, which is an internal ordering system. We also are trialing an automatic reordering system, the SIMS (Supply Inventory Management System) at the Gonda Outpatient Lab. Stephen Pieper can be contacted at Maimonides Medical Center Peggy Healey, RN, Brooklyn, NY Maimonides Medical Center, located in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, is a 705-bed not-for-profit hospital with very active cardiac services. The cardiac cath lab consists of 2 GE Inova cath labs, 1 Philips swing lab, 1 GE EPS lab, 24-bed ambulatory short stay, Recovery suite, including a fast-track chest pain center and a cardiac infusion therapy suite, Pre Admission Testing area and a TEE lab. Our Lumedx data management and inventory system manages inventory. Staff runs queries for supply usage. Our Materials Management Coordinator (MMC), Mike Vega, coordinates the purchase of inventory as recommended by the Director of Invasive Cardiology. Our materials management coordinator utilizes contracts, consignments and negotiates prices based on market shares. Peggy Healey can be contacted at