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Vascular Solutions Introduces the Quattro Elite Snare

Vascular Solutions announces the immediate availability of the Quattro Elite snare in the United States. The Quattro Elite snare is a unique, one-piece constructed, no assembly required snare designed for the retrieval and manipulation of objects located in the cardiovascular system, including coils, balloons, catheters and guidewires.

The Quattro Elite snare features a completely integrated 0.035” profile that permits delivery through 0.035” lumens of conventional catheters. The Quattro features a cobalt chromium double-helical loop designed for optimal retrieval and manipulation while maintaining flexibility and high torque response. The loops are encapsulated in a platinum coil to enhance visualization under fluoroscopy. Unique to the Quattro Elite snare is a locking handle that provides secure capture for retrieval or repositioning of foreign bodies. The Quattro Elite snare is available in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm and 35mm loop sizes. 

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