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Safety Of Obturators I am looking for information about using obturators in sheaths when there is going to be a delay in pulling the sheath post cath procedure. Does anyone have any information/policies for this. We are currently using arterial lines. Thank you! Email: jeremy.beavers@fmhhs.com Cc: cathlabdigest@aol.com STEMI Door-to-Balloon (D2B) Time Clock I am hoping you could help direct me to the right person/company. Our CCL and CPEC is looking for a particular kind of clock to be placed in the CPEC and the cath lab. The time starts in the CPEC when a patient comes in with a STEMI and is synchronized with the clock in the CCL so that everyone in the CPEC and CCL is able to see how much time is left to meet the 90-min D2B time. I've heard people talk of them, but no one can tell me what company may be contacted to receive more information. Any suggestions? Thank you! Email: kathryn.fraley@tenethealth.com Cc: cathlabdigest@aol.com Pre-Procedure Lab Values I have been looking through the ACC Clinical Statements and Practice Guidelines and cannot find any standardized pre-procedure lab values. Can someone help? Thank you! Gateway Medical Center Clarksville, Tennessee Email: cathlabdigest@aol.com