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Dry Trays and D2B I need evidence-based info regarding the practice of setting up dry trays to reduce door-to-balloon times. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rhonda Kempa, RN, RCIS Email: rkempa@wpahs.org Cc: cathlabdigest@aol.com Sterile Field Range I have heard several different answers to the following question. In the cath lab setting, when a sterile field has been opened for a diagnostic cath and/or STEMI, and for some reason it is aborted, how long is the sterile field good for to be used on another diagnostic cath and/or STEMI if covered? I have heard a range from 8 to 24 hours for a wet field that has been covered and 12 to 48 hours for a dry field that has been covered. Is there a standard? Nick Teaver, RN West Georgia Health System Email: teavern@wghs.org Cc: cathlabdigest@aol.com Cath Lab Guidelines Has anyone set up their cath lab system on the guidelines of the Association of OR Nurses? A hospital in the southeastern U.S. has been set up on these guidelines and has told their RCISs they are not qualified to be monitor assistants or circulators because only nurses can perform such tasks. They have been told the new state guidelines and Joint Commission Guidelines mandate that cath labs have to set up on such guidelines to meet Joint Commission Accreditation. Apparently, the facility has decided to not use the American College of Cardiology guidelines for their policies and procedures. Email: iraa.rpa@gmail.com Cc: cathlabdigest@aol.com Inventory Spreadsheet I am looking for an inventory spreadsheet. It was all about comparing products, stents, balloons, etc. with different companies. I would appreciate readers sharing their spreadsheet if they have one. We are going thru a Lean Six Sigma program and trying to standarize our lab equipment. Thank you very much! Kathleen Procita, RN Cath Lab Manager St. Joseph’s Hospital, Syracuse, NY Email: kathleen.procita@sjhsyr.org Cc: cathlabdigest@aol.com Post Sheath Removal Dressings Any input on post sheath removal dressings? We are researching info on taped pressure dressings verses j tegaderm over the site, since we have noticed skin irritations and difficulty in viewing the access site for hematoma or bleeding. What are your cath lab policies for post sheath removal dressings? Email: ked304@aol.com Cc: cathlabdigest@aol.com