Letter from the Editor

What's your take on the future?

Our cover article by Dr. Dean Kereiakes sounds a warning note in the midst of the buzz. In many corners of invasive cardiology, excitement about this technology has been changing to concern. What will this expensive device mean for the American healthcare system? The answer is still hazy, but Dr. Kereiakes argues that the excellent results reported for patients receiving this treatment will not, most likely, translate into positive financial effects for cardiovascular departments and centers. As he notes, the U.S. is now at a crossroads, and the next steps we take will be crucial. Mary Heisler sympathizes with the maneuvers of cath lab managers between what physicians feel is best for patients and the financial concerns of hospital administration. A previous manager of the Sones Cardiac Cath Labs at The Cleveland Clinic, Mary has developed a tool for managers that will strengthen their hand when deciding whether or not to implement or purchase something new. The Cath Lab Digest Email Discussion Group’s emails have been burning up the fiber-optic wires. This month, we offer a glimpse of their thoughts on tracking issues for regular meetings of both cath lab staff and physicians. Finally, I’m pleased to announce the first Cath Lab Digest Career and Employment Guide, a supplement which, if you haven’t already recieved, will be coming very quickly to your lab. You’ll find it chock full of interesting and useful information about cath lab professional salaries, placements, and opportunities around the U.S. Enjoy! Rebecca Yospyn Managing Editor cathlabdigest@aol.com