Cath Lab Management

Wireless Headsets for Cardio/Electrophysiology Labs

The Eartec Company has introduced ComSTAR, a full duplex wireless intercom that allows cardiac and electrophysiology personnel to talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone. The open line voice communications provided by ComSTAR allows staff to continue working with their hands so as not to interrupt their duties inside the lab. 

All ComSTAR systems feature compact transceivers that weigh only 2.5 oz., and either a lightweight or mid weight headset. They utilize the low power 1900 MHz band, so no FCC license is required. 

These intercoms are a breakthrough for medical labs because although ComSTAR wireless signals can penetrate lead-lined walls, these transmissions do not interfer with sensitive diagnostic equipment.

For more information, contact:

Eartec Co., Inc.


Tel. (800) 399-5994