The (Pediatric) Force Awakens

Over the course of my career, it has been my pleasure to be  involved in training and educating cath lab nurses and technologists. After 28 years in adult cath and intervention, I began a new chapter of my career in 2015: pediatrics.  Well out of my comfort zone of caring for patients with acquired cardiovascular disease, I have struggled. EVERY congenital defect is unique, and often uniquely complicated. In pediatric and congenital heart disease, there is no such thing as a “simple diagnostic cath.” I now find myself assisting with occluding various anatomical structures intentionally, just as often as opening.  After many years, I find myself in a situation  where I am again the Padawan, not a Jedi Master.  
In my efforts to learn the ways of the Force, l have been continually frustrated by the lack of educational resources (for invasive pediatric cardiology) online. While the Jedi Master Yoda states that “patience you must have”, he also states that “Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind.” Pretty wise words from a puppet/CGI character.
In the words of Master Yoda, “always pass on what you have learned.” I am looking for the opportunity to network with Pediatric and Congenital Cath Lab Nurses and Technologists. While it is easy to stumble across adult interventional websites (,,, without even trying, if anyone has any resources they have found especially helpful, or are willing to network and begin sharing best practices —
Let's do this!
Kenneth A. Gorski, BSN, RN, RCIS
Cleveland Clinic Children's