TRICO 2012 (Trans Radial Intervention Course)

November 3-4, 2012, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India By Kintur Sanghvi, MD, Deborah Heart & Lung Institute, Browns Mills, New Jersey I am posting this on my way back from the world’s biggest dedicated transradial course. Similar to the previous seven annual Trans Radial Intervention Courses (TRICOs), TRICO 2012 was another huge success story. Conferences like this are responsible for the worldwide rapid spread of radial access in last 5 years. Despite closing the registration one month prior to the course, 520 attendees from eleven countries filled the auditorium beyond its capacity. According to Olivier Bertrand, from Canada, who was visiting TRICO for the first time, “This is the world’s biggest radial course.” I witnessed heavy attendance in the transradial session at TCT 2012 in Miami, but two weeks later, the experience of TRICO was quite different. TRICO is a no-nonsense focused radial course with a swift flow and focus on teaching techniques, tips and tricks. Below are the important highlights and how TRICO differs from other radial courses. • 14 live cases were shown over two days by multiple international guest faculties from Dr. Patel’s new lab in Ahmadabad, India. Cases included chronic total occlusions (CTOs), left main bifurcation, complex radial loop, and retrograde crossing of a CTO by bilateral radial access. Transradial use of devices like the Rotablator (Boston Scientific), optical computed tomography (OCT) and intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) were displayed and extensively discussed. Attendees were easily convinced that after having adequate experience, the radial access has same efficiency as femoral in treating any complexity of coronary artery disease, while still being safer than femoral. • There was a perfect balance between the live cases and didactic talks. Attention was also paid to provide balanced training to all the attendees at different level of individual experience. • The quality of live transmission with a fiber optic cable connection between the lab and the auditorium (15 kms apart) was exceptional. • The attendees were very enthusiastic and dedicated and, everyone was present throughout the course in the auditorium. • The hospitality of the TRICO team is exceptional. Instead of lunch boxes, full 3-course buffet lunches were served during 45-minute lunch breaks. Above all, the most striking and worrisome difference was: Out of the 14 live cases, 10 patients were under age 40. All these patients had complex multi-vessel diseases despite normal BMIs and the absence of diabetes. The population of India has very aggressive and extensive coronary artery disease at a very young age. It warrants the same aggressive and comprehensive approach to curtail and prevent coronary artery disease, or it will catastrophic for the fast-developing society and economy of India. I hope physician, social and political leaders will come together to fight this huge problem. Check out some of Dr. Sanghvi's monthly transradial cases in CLD: • Transradial Intervention of a Saphenous Vein Graft • Iliac Artery Intervention via Radial Access • Transradial Revascularization of a Chronic Total Left Anterior Descending Artery Occlusion