Adept Medical Launches the ArmSure

May 7, 2018, Auckland, New Zealand - The Auckland based company Adept Medical has identified and answered the call from Interventional Cardiologists and Radiologists for a gentle, yet secure, method to ensure the sterile field is not compromised by the patient’s hand during femoral access procedures. The new ArmSure range is an innovative and practical system that immobilises a restless patient’s arms during procedures performed under conscious sedation.

The ArmSure will be available from Adept Medical on June 1, 2018.

The ArmSure gently secures both arms of a recumbent patient in a comfortable adducted position with soft, easy to install, adjustable straps. The unique design allows the straps to be loose while maintaining arm security and patient comfort.  The ArmSure fits all lab tables, and is secured under the mattress, and sterile drape.

The ability of the ArmSure system to incorporate the Adept Shield provides X-Ray scatter protection for the operator that can easily be moved to the position needed at any time.

The materials have been selected for excellent resistance to chemical attack from commonly used cleaning products. The easy to clean straps are latex free and made from a soft, yet durable, polyurethane.  The Adept ArmSure is designed and manufactured for long life and to withstand the demands of clinical use.

“We have been approached by a number of Interventional Cardiologists and Radiologists requesting a way to ensure the sterile field during procedures such as TAVI and others that would use a larger sheath, are not compromised. A patient under conscious sedation will feel discomfort and can inadvertently reach across to the femoral access site. If this happens the team will have to strip down and re-sterilise which is very expensive and time consuming. We worked hard to provide a solution for the industry with research, testing and design discussions and we are very proud of the ArmSure result.” - Matt Lazenby, Adept Medical Product Design Manager.

Adept Medical is well placed to innovate and produce products such as the ArmSure for the medical industry as they have the ability to take an idea through research, design, tooling and manufacture and deliver a product ready for market.

To see more information on the ArmSure and read the full report on scatter radiation protection provided by the Adept Medical Shield, please visit, or contact Adept Medical directly at