New Radar Technology by Sensible (ReDS) May Reduce Heart Failure Re-Hospitalization

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® Selected to Test Product That Detects Worsening Heart Failure Before Patient Notices Symptoms

Minneapolis, MN – May 12, 2016 – Patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) are at risk of re-hospitalization when fluid builds up in their lungs. By the time symptoms such as shortness of breath or increased fatigue are present, the fluid build-up often requires medical intervention. This is stressful for the patient, and it’s also costly; the annual cost for CHF treatment in the U.S. is $30 billion, with half of that going toward hospitalization.

To work towards a better method of diagnosis and treatment, Peter Eckman, MD with the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) is an investigator leading the SMILE: Sensible Medical Innovations Lung fLuid status monitor allows rEducing readmission rate of heart failure patients study at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. This study will involve the use of the SensiVest, a product developed by Sensible Medical Innovations, headquartered in Israel. SensiVest is comprised of a wearable vest, with two embedded sensors, and a bedside console. In this study, SensiVest is worn by CHF patients once a day, for a 90-seconds measurement, to measure the amount of fluid in their lungs. The results are provided to their physician via a secured web portal. There is no surgery involved, nor does the patient need to visit a clinic or hospital to obtain readings. The physician can review the results and take proactive measures, such as changing medications or dosages, before the patient develops symptoms. Dr. Eckman notes, “Using non-invasive technology to detect fluid buildup in heart failure patients improves our ability to direct treatment before a problem arises, and may reduce risk of re-hospitalization, which is good for the patient and can reduce health care costs. We are excited to be part of this type of innovative work.”

A study initially conducted in Israel reported that hospital readmission rates were reduced by 87% for patients who were part of the study. Sensible Medical Innovations selected the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation as one of 15 sites currently testing the SensiVest in the U.S., with plans to expand the study to more hospitals in the future.

“We are honored to begin the SMILE study at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation which works together with physicians from Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, a leading heart hospital in Minnesota,” said Amir Ronen, CEO of Sensible Medical Innovations. “Sensible had shown, in a preliminary study, positive impact of the ReDS™ technology on a patient’s everyday life and on the rate of re-hospitalization. Our non-invasive solution for measuring lung fluid is suitable for many patients with heart failure and can be a solution for the costliest problem of the American health care system—re-hospitalization.”

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About Sensible Medical Innovations Ltd.

Sensible was founded in 2007. Its headquarters are located in Israel with commercial offices in the U.S. Sensible Medical Innovations has set out to develop a new standard of care in lung fluid management.

In August 2015 Sensible Medical Innovations non-invasive thoracic fluid status monitor was cleared for market at the USA. The Sensible product is intended for monitoring and management of patients with fluid management problems, including patients living with heart failure, patients taking diuretic medication or patients recovering from a coronary artery disease related event. It is intended to be used by qualified health care practitioners and by patients, under the direction of a physician, in hospitals, hospital-type facilities and home environment. For more information, see