March 2015

Volume 23 Issue 3

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The following case is part of a series of optical coherence tomography-focused cases supported by St. Jude Medical.
The authors can be contacted via Dr. Sunil Rao at Tell us about your cath lab.
This month, Dr. Mustapha interviews: Larry J. Diaz-Sandoval, MD, Metro Health Hospital, Wyoming, Michigan; Fadi Saab, MD, Metro Health Hospital, Wyoming, Michigan; and George Adams, MD, Director of Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular Research…
An emphasis on consensus and partnership allows Intermountain Health Care to unite under treatment guidelines, establish protocols, and save money, all while providing quality patient care.
A 51-year-old white male presented to the cardiac cath lab with a recent, progressive history of shortness of breath, chest pain on exertion, and fatigue. 
Once the catheter engages the coronary ostium, there is very little difference between transradial angioplasty and transfemoral, save some catheter support issues and perhaps guide size. It is the route to the coronary that can often be more difficul…
In cases of poor or no flow into an aspiration syringe in spite of negative pressure applied, we advise maintaining a vacuum (negative pressure inside of the thrombectomy catheter), as premature discontinuation of suction can lead to thrombus dislodg…
Jeff Marshall: I have a question about who should scrub the groin or wrist before a cardiac cath or peripheral procedure. 
The ProVation system is really very user-friendly. It also does a very reasonable job of generating a billing report, which I use on every case and then give to my billing staff, which makes billing much easier.