June 2015

Volume 23 Issue 6

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This month, Cath Lab Digest would like to congratulate…
Swedish Medical Center is drawing a growing number of thrombus-related referrals from both in-house and regional physicians. Founding team member and cardiac surgeon Dr. Eric Lehr shares his personal experience over the past 5 years with the percutan…
St. Tammany Parish Hospital cath lab has 4 catheterization suites: 2 dedicated cardiac, 1 cardiac/vascular, and 1 electrophysiology (EP) room. We have 21 staff in the cath lab.
The skill of clinical auscultation represents the quintessential synergy of two hundred years of shared knowledge and wisdom in the art and science of physical diagnosis, which is often distilled into a quick, one-minute physical exam to give a real…
This case is part of a series of optical coherence tomography-focused cases supported by St. Jude Medical.
During the middle of the night and on weekends, we have very critical patients who don’t quite require a full code team, but who would benefit from another cath lab RN. 
One should stop and think about the course of transformation from PAD to CLI, and if there is any indication that these transformations occur during a time when the patient is no longer a claudicant, but not yet technically diagnosed as CLI.
We present an interesting case of venous thoracic outlet syndrome, where prompt clinical diagnosis and intervention lead to an excellent clinical outcome. 
I know a good idea when I see it and recanalization of CTOs is one.