January 2016

Volume 24 Issue 1

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I applaud the article by Dr. Morton J. Kern and other contributors entitled “Your Lead is Cracked? Radiation Safety Revisited,” (Clinical Editor’s Corner, Vol. 23, Issue 11 – November 2015) for calling attention to the failures that continue to exist…
Critical limb ischemia (CLI) therapy is experiencing immense growth and it is reflected among all specialties. Most of the growth is in the form of endovascular therapies. Despite this vast growth in therapy, the outcome and results are not all equal…
Program accreditation has swiftly moved to the strategic forefront for PCI programs in states that employ more strict criteria related to the ability to offer this life-saving clinical service. In states without formal guidelines, accreditation can b…
We innovated a methodology to flip the R wave in lead II so that the iFR modality can still be utilized.
We describe a case using an escalating, stepwise approach to a non-dilatable lesion, which ultimately was successfully dilated after the use of an excimer laser catheter.
Irrespective of the type of patients you are seeing or the acuity of the patients you are generally seeing, radial has an impact. It certainly has had an impact at the University of Chicago. 
We formatted a program specifically to counteract submassive and massive PE.
This case illustrates that a transradial approach can be used for aortic PVL closure prior to considering transapical approach. 
We are a primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) center as well as a tertiary referral hospital for ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). The cardiac catheterization/electrophysiology (EP) department consists of 3 labs: 2 cardiac cath…
Our colleague and cath lab expert, Dr. Barry Uretsky from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, started this conversation with one of the oldest and probably most important questions about coronary angiography, and that is, how should we report th…