June 2016

Volume 24 Issue 6

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We present a unique case of a patient with iliac artery stenosis, chronic total occlusion of the left superficial femoral artery, and tibial artery stenosis, who underwent successful percutaneous endovascular intervention with dual access using a com…
Here, we have demonstrated that rotational atherectomy with adjunctive Chocolate balloon angioplasty facilitates excellent stent expansion and apposition, and will hopefully decrease the risk of restenosis and thrombosis in this very calcified LAD.
The optimal therapy for coronary aneurysms is uncertain. In high-risk anatomies unsuitable for stent-assisted coiling, use of the Medtronic Concerto system may be a reasonable therapy.
As the focus in the healthcare field shifts to more fully address stroke as a disease process, no longer does treatment revolve around rehabilitation and supportive care, which has been the mainstay for decades.
Being a valve clinic coordinator (VCC), you wear a multitude of hats; it is important that you are confident and comfortable in the realm of cardiology, and display a vast knowledge in the field. Patients ask a lot of questions and you are their gate…
Initially, we felt there was no way we could do this procedure within our current cath lab, expecting to have to wait to purchase a new camera and renovate the whole layout, which is a huge project. Yet we found we could use the lab we already had in…
In this issue, we are privileged to have two busy critical limb ischemia (CLI) specialists, Dr. George Adams and Dr. Fadi Saab, discuss the controversial topic of imposing ultrasound for access in all arterial conduits during CLI therapy.   
The interventional cardiology team at NorthShore University HealthSystem performed four complex cardiology cases at Evanston Hospital on Saturday and Sunday, April 2nd and 3rd, that were streamed live to the 2016 American College of Cardiology Scient…
Here, we discuss our experience with the NIRxcell stent in two challenging cases, a male with an acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and multiple comorbidities, and a female with complicated coronary anatomy and a history of medical non-compliance. 
We have a three-lab facility that is supported by a dedicated four-bay pre and post area as well as our radial lounge.