July 2016

Volume 24 Issue 7

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This month, Dr. Mustapha interviews Osamu Iida, MD, Cardiovascular Center, Kansai Rosai Hospital, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan.
Healthcare is, like most complex human activities, a team sport. There are many aspects to effective teams including a common purpose, mutual respect, effective leadership and conflict resolution, good communication, situational awareness, and flexib…
Flex is a cost-effective alternative to balloon-based scoring with a one-size-fits-all platform technology. The vessel-preparation device provides for effective dynamic linear scoring with a lower propensity for barotrauma or vessel wall damage. The…
Patients who do not improve with TAVR are found to have worse clinical outcomes at 1 year.
When inserting stents to restore blood flow in heart disease patients, radial access has fewer complications and should be the default approach over femoral access, according to researchers.
In terms of choosing which GP IIb/IIIa inhibitor to use, what historically has just been a two-person game, is now a three-person game that includes abciximab, eptifibatide, and tirofiban.
We have an opportunity to make a meaningful difference, acutely, with relief of pain and swelling, restoration to ambulation, and occasionally, limb preservation. Aggressive treatment of DVT using devices can also minimize the risk of long-term compl…
A number of physicians in the world, working alongside some startup companies, have identified an unmet need. We need devices that are percutaneous in order to treat these patients, because they get to a point where surgery is extremely high risk.
The mitral valve orifice is much bigger than the aortic valve orifice. It is D-shaped, so creating a replacement prosthesis for the mitral valve requires a much bigger device and a much more complex geometry. That is one of the challenges of mitral v…
Clinique Pasteur in Toulouse is the lead center in France for interventional cardiology and cardiology in general, with more than 3000 percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) per year. I am the head of the structural heart disease program at this i…