December 2017

Volume 25 Issue 12

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We want to thank Nicole for sharing her expertise on these questions. Coding and billing questions are just one of the many areas that we can focus on with the help of our partner, MedAxiom Consulting.
Many of the editor’s pages come from issues raised by practicing interventionalists. Recently, a query came to our colleague, Dr. Zoltan Turi, from a chief of cardiology.
The cardiovascular cath lab at Florida Medical Center is one part of a comprehensive endovascular service line inclusive of cardiac intervention, peripheral intervention, neuro intervention, and electrophysiology (EP) procedures.  
When the symptoms become obvious, then we replace the valve, but the damage stays forever, despite the valve being replaced. This is the basis of the EARLY TAVR trial, to identify whether early intervention before symptoms will prevent not only morta…
Here we present a patient with coronary subclavian steal syndrome (CSSS) presenting with persistent angina 12 years post coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). 
The North Mississippi Medical Center Cath Lab was among the first centers in the U.S. to enroll in the program, starting over a year ago and still going strong. Because of the VASCADE Performance Guarantee program, we re-doubled our focus on vascular…
Picture your typical clipper. The ClipVac has a low-profile attachment that is connected via tubing to a vacuum. When activated, ClipVac will efficiently suck up any hair as it is clipped from any area of the body. It is easy to use, and is not large…
The vascular surgeons have been completely integrated into the cath lab schedule — often performing two to five procedures daily. One cath lab room is designated as the vascular suite, but all four labs and the hybrid lab are vascular intervention-ca…
Coronary angiography is used to diagnose coronary artery aneurysms, and will show size, morphology, location, and the presence of coronary stenosis.
Even though the most recent proposed bundled payment initiative has been cancelled, preparing for episodic payment models remains vital.