September 2017

Volume 25 Issue 9

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In the past 5 years, the growth of our city has increased our volume in procedures and need for new technologies. To accommodate that growing need, we have expanded our lab from 3 to 5 rooms, and our prep/recovery from 13 to 29 beds. We have also sta…
The more contrast you use, the greater the risk of AKI. We have actually applied our findings at Barnes Jewish Hospital (BJH), where we predict in advance how much contrast a patient can safely tolerate
In my own practice, I have lowered the threshold to pursue the presence of PAD in patients with non-healing wounds. 
We present a case where the EKOS catheter is utilized in the acute setting for an individual with a contraindication for systemic thrombolysis.
The increasing use of the radial artery approach in the United States over the last decade has been dramatic and yet the acceptance of the procedure among many interventionalists remains somewhat tentative.
Coronary artery air embolism is very rare, often not discussed, but is always preventable since it is almost always iatrogenic during cardiac catheterization. Ideally, air embolism should never happen; meticulous catheter aspiration and flushing afte…
Numerous single-center studies and meta-analyses have been published over the past several years that speak to the feasibility of performing SDD discharge for the uncomplicated percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).
In our experience, an effective yet under-utilized route is that of the interim-to-permanent candidate. This approach provides an experienced professional who can “steady the ship” and “bridge the gap” while a search is conducted for the permanent re…
Cath Lab Digest recently received the below question from a reader. We posted it to social media (, and our LinkedIn Cath Lab Digest page and group). If you have advice to share, a response to this reader, or a new question…