CDC Publishes New Study: Warning for Healthcare Workers Who Experience COVID-like Symptoms Post-Vaccination

Experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms right after vaccination? A new study, published by the CDC, offers an important warning that symptoms should not be dismissed as “post-vaccination symptoms.” But instead, could be COVID-19.


This study - Post-Vaccination COVID-19 Among Healthcare Workers, Israel - which focuses on concerns for healthcare workers - comes out of Israel’s Sheba Medical Center.


Main lessons + warnings learned:


-       Clinicians should not dismiss post-vaccination symptoms as vaccine-related among healthcare workers (HCWs) and should promptly test for COVID-19.


-       HCWs are at high risk for contracting symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19, and infections among HCWs have an immediate effect on their close occupational environment and the overall healthcare system.


-       Secondary exposures, isolation and infections of staff can substantially impair the capacity of a single ward to care for patients.


Main findings of the study:


-       COVID-19 symptoms can be mistaken for vaccine-related side effects during initial days after immunization.


-       Among 4,081 vaccinated HCWs in Israel, 22 (0.54%) developed COVID-19 from 1-10 days after immunization. (More details in the study). 


-       Active and passive surveillance schemes that enable rapid testing and initiation of infection control measures are essential in preventing possible diagnostic delays and secondary exposures.