The NAGLREITER Medical Device Development Organization's "Elevator / Incubator" is Innovating MedTech Innovation

January 29, 2020, Miramar, FL – NAGLREITER™ ( is a MedTech “Elevator / Incubator” aimed at Innovating MedTech innovation.  The NAGLREITER™ model accelerates the time to market for startups as well as large industry advanced R&D by combining:


• State of the art facilities, equipment and manufacturing integrated, first in class but fractional workforce covering engineering, manufacturing, design, regulatory, reimbursement, clinical, and marketing;


• A precisely built and audited quality system integrated with business systems such as accounting, HR, A/R, plus C-Suite and funding resources;


 • and a proven track record with industry exits and partnerships in Neurovascular, Robotics, Cardiovascular, Digital Health, End Effectors, Blades, Scopes, etc.;


“We develop devices that will win in the marketplace through insights, coordinated and efficient systems, and proven models that are changing the innovation landscape.  Our recipe is built to drive innovation efficiency while never wavering on our quality,” states Brett Naglreiter, CEO of NAGLREITER™ Medical Device Development Organization.


NAGLREITER™ has many development projects at various points of development.  The objective is to build company / project value by developing superior technologies combined with strong business systems and best in class leadership.


Tim Blair, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was asked what makes NAGLREITER™ unique.  “We are building company value by removing risk, cost, and time by following a proven recipe and ISO approved quality system,” he said. “Our goal is to completely disrupt MedTech innovation. Strategics desire novel technologies with lower risk that are easier to transfer into their quality system.  Investors want well vetted, later stage opportunities with quicker returns.  The NAGLREITER™ ‘ELEVATOR™’ companies are proving to be attractive to key MedTech stakeholders sometimes to the point of disbelief.” 


Select ELEVATOR™ Companies:


A vascular occlusion platform technology with US and EU market clearance aiming for limited market release in Q2 2020


A vascular reperfusion technology with US market clearance aiming for limited market release and post market / real world data beginning Q2 2020


A next generation Neuro aspiration technology in mid stage development expecting to leap frog current aspiration “systems”


About NAGLREITER™: NAGLREITER™ Medical Device Development Organization (MDDO) is a trusted partner for concept incubation, design, development, manufacturing, and engineering services within the MedTech industry. NAGLREITER™ prides itself on providing world-class services and employing a uniquely flexible business model to do so. NAGLREITER™’s ‘The Right Path. With You’ business philosophy exemplifies the company’s commitment to partnering with clients in any way they require to yield the best possible outcomes.

Based in the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area, NAGLREITER™ partners with medical device companies within the U.S. and abroad.


NAGLREITER™ Press Release Contact: Will Garcia de Quevedo, Vice President of Marketing