Rare Anomaly of Right Coronary Artery Discovered on Diagnostic Coronary Angiography

Amber McDonald1, DO, Rajesh Bhola2, MD

Amber McDonald1, DO, Rajesh Bhola2, MD


A 45-year-old male with history of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and radiation-induced cardiomyopathy was taken for diagnostic cardiac catheterization and coronary angiography for evaluation of asymptomatic stage B heart failure. Angiography revealed the patient to have an anomalous separate ostium of the right acute marginal artery, a finding that did not affect performance of the catheterization or patient outcome. In a review of the literature, we found the phenomenon of separate ostia of right coronary artery and acute marginal artery to be quite rare and not well documented. 

1At the time of this case, Amber McDonald was an MS4 at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, Yakima, Washington; Dr. McDonald is currently an internal medicine resident in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2Peace Arch Cardiology, Bellingham, Washington.

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